Proposed start-up business incentive

AFTER HIS VISIT to LCB Depot in Leicestershire, David Cameron is determined to drag our country through the deficit with the private sector at the forefront. He applauded the small business for taking on an extra 300 staff in the last six months and used this as a positive example to all and plugged his new start-up business scheme for the unemployed.

Straight to the point

Similar to the business incentive scheme of the 80’s, the Government are now offering unemployed persons a chance to set up their own business with a little extra help. The proposed plans hope to increase the number of businesses in the UK to 40,000 by 2013 and also axe the  current unemployment rate. Starting in Merseyside later this month and rolled out nationally by autumn, the “New Enterprise Allowance Project” could be your ticket to success and finally get you moving in the right direction.

Terms & Conditions

The (NEA) package consists of a £2000 grant, small business loan and expert advice from a business mentor with industry experience.  However, the expert advice and loan is only offered for the early stages of the business climb and is subject to a successful business plan submission agreed with your mentor. Not to mention, you also have to be claiming job seekers allowance for six months or more to qualify. So there are a few hurdles to jump, but this shouldnt be off-putting. It’s important to get the facts and understand what deal your actually getting after the smoke and mirrors have disappeared. Click here for the full terms and conditions of the scheme, or you can visit Business Links online to get tonnes more information about the process of a business set-up.

Being Realistic but positive!

This scheme maybe perfect for some and not for others it’s just a case of weighing up the pro’s and cons like;

  • Do I have the drive to set up my own business?
  • Have I got the necessary skills to succeed?
  • Can I survive financially if things go wrong?
  • Am I prepared and have enough information and support to go ahead?

Many designers become successful and are turning over multi million pound businesses which is very inspiring, but there are also those who aren’t swimming around in their olympic sized pool before breakfast, manage their own team and have a solid businesses. Interior design is a fast growing sector and becoming ever more popular due to television shows like Grand Designs and Property Ladder, so why not  jump on the band wagon if your ready to nurture that entrepreneurial spirit.

If you feel like you want to develop your design skills and study something new you can read the “Leap of Design” article exploring the option of distance learning, or go onto the Useful Links page for more information.

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