Design of the Day

Tie Rug

Hand crafted, this executive tie rug is created by Dreamweaver from ties rescued from the cutting floor, looks like you could sink your whole body into its sea of colourful ribboned fishes. Alas, these rugs are not available direct from Dreamweaver unless you are a wholesaler. This beautiful rug also has pillows to match to turn your office, livingroom or bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

But this  isn’t their only example of modern living design, they also offer an “Unzippered” rug made from zips and a “Pebble” rug made to look like hundereds of pebbles huddled together. Priced from around £400 these are not cheap purchases, but an investment for the individual design type.

Click onto the Birmingham Interiors Show 2011 highlights page which has a video with more Dreamweaver products included.


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