Collect Boots points shopping online at Laura Ashley

BOOTS HAVE STRETCHED THEIR REWARD SCHEME further down the high street and teamed up with a variety of retailers to allow shoppers to collect points on their purchases, this includes Laura Ashley. Not only can you save up to 50% in their sale, you an also collect 2 points for every £1 spend.

You can do this by going onto  the “treatstreet” section of the Boots website and get directed to the Laura Ashley site, this is the only way you can get points, if you go straight to the Laura Ashley website they can’t be collected.

However, you can only collect your points at an in-store kiosk 35 days after the purchase and will receive an e-mail confirmation when they are ready to pick up. I’m not sure whether the double points vouchers can be used through “treatstreet”, so that’s one thing to double-check! Plus the delivery of your products is still carried out through the retailer not Boots.

It could be a chew on for some furniture lovers having to wait that long, but in a positive light all these points can be saved up for the christmas spend.


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