How to study whilst you work

THE HIKE IN tuition fee prices has got a lot of people thinking about alternative education routes like distance learning. It can be done in your own home, in your own time and more importantly it allows students to gain valuable work experience in between studying.  Distance learning fees are usually lower than university courses and if you pick the right place to study,  you can come away with credible qualifications and great employer references.

More young people are taking an interest in this form of higher education and the perception that distance learning is more suited for mature students is vanishing.

Most distance learning institutions deliver all their course material online, and have various tools like discussion forums, Facebook and Twitter to give students as much support as possible. This wealth of support given to students,  makes the option of distance learning less scary and more attractive.

A specialist institution

The National Design Academy in Nottingham specialise in Interior Design distance learning courses, and has experienced an influx of younger students wanting to study, but also gain work experience, or full time employment as a means of avoiding huge debt.  Increasingly, young people are becoming genuinely concerned by the rising debt levels faced by today’s graduates

Established for twenty-two years and based in Nottingham, The National Design Academy are fully accredited by Staffordshire University and offer a range of qualifications in interior design from diploma to degree level. Students have more control over their learning, they can choose their own start date and have more flexibility compared to other college or university courses.  There is also no UCAS application required.

Flexible Learning

Students can also take a break between qualifications, for example, once they’ve completed the Foundation Degree, they could take a break from studying before going onto the BA (Hons) course, there is no time limit. This flexible approach allows students to learn on the job, network and create contacts, improving  their chances of landing a job and achieving success.


Last month former National Design Academy student Catriona Doherty and Tutor Kim Moore, beat hundreds of applicants in the Laura Ashley “Inspired Design” Competition to win first and second prize.

Catriona was grateful for all the support she had received, “I just want to say a big thank you to the NDA tutors and all involved in the course, it was really well structured and literally gave me the know how and confidence to enter the competition.”

Opting for distance learning courses is becoming more attractive to those who may otherwise have avoided higher education  because of the increase in tuition fees. This flexible and unique way of learning is set to take off.

For more informationa about courses, fees or open days at The National Design Academy visit


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