Change your career without giving up the day job

MANY OF US find ourselves treading water at one time or another and toying with the option of changing careers. It’s easy to think, however the practicalities of giving up your current job and plunging back into full-time education is for many people, impossible. But there is a solution, you can study at home and in your own time through distance learning.

Have more control

I’m a great fan of this alternative education route as you have now probably gathered. This is because it allows people to fit their studies around work and family commitments, students have more control and gain work experience or training alongside their studies. Distance learning or home studying as it’s also known, has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and most courses are delivered online and easy to access.

Dont be afraid to go it alone

The plunge back into education can be scary and the thought of going it alone puts many people off. But nowadays, the support given by many institutions can be considered more than that of some Universities. Course tutors are normally on hand by e-mail, phone or through online portals, and the use of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and student discussion forums, provide a wealth of advice to get you through the course. Some top institutions also offer workshops on various areas of the Interior Design course and this can give you a great opportunity to assess previous students work  and get feedback from tutors.

It does take a certain amount of determination to complete a distance learning course. You do have to priorities and organise your life effectively and stick to your timetable otherwise you get into the trap of falling behind. It can be tricky if you have children or a busy working life, however this then begs the question, is distance learning for me? Can I actually get the work done?

The Adult Learners campaign website is a great tool to use if you need additional advice on distance learning or re-entering education as an adult. It offers people lots of tips, advice on financial aid and real life stories to inspire and help you understand the various ways you can develop yourself. There’s also Hotcourses and The House Directory search engines which can help you choose the right course for you.

It’s not just for the amateur’s

This form of further and higher education is also a great benefit to those who already have a substantial insight into interior design and want to get the official qualifications. Again, it’s the same principle, it can be achieved and there’s nothing like that feeling when you stand on stage and collect your award, but it does come down to dedication. “Self tought” interior designers can achieve a BA (Hons) in Interior Design in various ways depending on the institution you choose. For example, at The National Design Academy in Nottingham, you can study some modules from the Foundation Degree, and progress onto level 6 of the BA course.

Choosing to further yourself and grow is a positive step forward, but even if you leave the decision until October, the doors which open could be plentiful.



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