Design of the day

A heavy head

I came across this piece of art recently in the Victoria & Albert museum in London…well I say came across, more like startled as I saw what looked to be a boy leaned over a block with a donkey head! I didn’t know whether to be horrified or intrigued as it lay there in a dark corner. Maybe that’s what freaked me out!

Created in 2003 by Welsh artist and sculptor Laura Ford, produced the tongue-in-cheek “Headthinker III, which depicts a boy dressed in dark “pensioner-esque” clothing and tartan slippers, appearing be unable to support himself because of his oversized ass head.

This sculpture connotes the boy bearing too much weight on his shoulders and as people move freely around him,  the boy himself cannot break from his supporting structures. Therefore out of compliance, exhaustion and unable to achieve complete independence, he lays his head to rest.

Ford created a number of “Headthinkers” for the Houldsworth Exhibition in 2003 which are  made up of a combination of steel, plaster, ceramic, fabric and plinth. They were on sale for £10,000.


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