How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?

BORN QUITE LITERALLY on the wrong side of the tracks in the working class area of Stockport in Manchester, Britain’s greatest living architect celebrates his achievements through the silver screen for all to see.

Directed by Carlos Carcan and Norberto Lopez Amado, “How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?” takes us through the magnificent CV of Lord Norman Foster and documents his life from rags to riches.  In cinemas now, the film is commentated by architectural critic and Director of the Design Museum, Deyan Sudic.

HSBC Headquarters Hong Kong

The building which made Lord Foster famous was the HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong, but standing alongside are numerous unforgettable buildings from the Gherkin and Millennium Bridge, to Stansted airport and the Millau Viaduct in France.

Awarded a life peerage, Lord Norman Foster of Thames Bank  has survived bowel cancer and a heart attack but is still developing cutting edge and ecologically sensitive designs. He’s also only the second Brit to be awarded the international Pritzker Architecture Award. Now his sights are set even higher as he is the process of creating the most sustainable, car-free, zero waste and carbon neutral city in the world. Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab emirates is due to be completed in 2020-2025.

Now 75 years of age, I sincerely hope Norman Foster’s impression and creations carry on for the next generation to admire.

Click here to watch Lord Foster talking to BBC breakfast about his life work.


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