Visit the same new restaurant every 30 days!

FED UP OF your local food joint or just wanting to be more adventurous with your taste bud choices? Well, the ultimate overhaul of  the modern-day dining experience is happening! The “What Happens When” project is attempting to literally transform a reclaimed space in down town Manhattan, New York,  into a new restaurant – EVERY 30 DAYS!

That’s right! A team of two interior designers, photographer, composer and Michelin starred chef, are going to create a new themed eatery every 3o days for 9 months. This includes a change of style, sounds, designs and the menu.

So far in three weeks they have transformed 25 Cleveland Place into a culinary visual and sound experience. Not to mention finding staff, a bar on wheels and whole food menu. I absolutely LOVE this idea and admire the guts and passion of the project. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds and will certainly be keeping you updated!

But if you want to find out about “What Happens Next” visit the website and enjoy the ride.

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