Design of the day

Living beyond the dead thrives on the remains of the empty coffins and transforms them into show-stopping one-of-a-kind couches. Health and safety law in California states that it’s illegal for funeral homes to sell used coffins to the general public so step in and recycle the dead’s unwanted.

The coffins may only have slight cosmetic damage so therefore are disregarded and rejected. Despite the skinny legs, a couch can hold up to 900 pounds and you can purchase a model straight from the site or customise your own death seat. This gothic piece will definitely get your guests talking at the next dinner party.

Interestingly, the six cast iron legs are covered in universal biohazard insignia because once a body is placed on the coffin, it’s considered biohazard tissue!  Prices start from £4100 for the full body with all the accessories.

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One response to “Design of the day

  1. michael

    Everyone must be dying to get one!

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