Design of the day


A walking piece of art, sexyness and style. She gives Lady Gaga a run for her money! Pandemonia is her name. It’s still unclear who she actually is, but what is clear is that she’s AMAZING!

7 Foot tall, with an inflatable head and an interesting wardrobe, this pop art phenomenon has made a number of striking appearances at exhibitions and press events, including Damien Hurst’s’ Nothing Else Matters. White Cube Masons Yard.

She’ll also be showing off her female form at this years London Fashion Week… eeek! I’m gutted I wont be there to see what she’ll wear. If any designhub readers catch a glimpse of Pandemonia let us know!



Filed under Art, modern design, Pandemonia, Quirky

2 responses to “Design of the day

  1. Luke Anderson

    ive seen her in photos before and though ”WTF??” but yeah, shes fierce! 😀 xx

  2. slanat

    its a man,im pretty sure he is an electrician or i.t consultant something like that, he says he makes all his own costumes but when quizzed on it, he said about sewing the latex/pvc but you dont sew it its a glueing job really much more intense than sewing… seems a bit try hard but i dont mind because at the end of the day he is having fun!

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