Ideal Home Show 2011 picture gallery


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3 responses to “Ideal Home Show 2011 picture gallery

  1. Anglian

    Wow! Loving the photo’s 😀 hope you had a fab time at the Ideal Home Show!!

  2. Anglian

    I havn’t yet had the pleasure of attending as we have different staff at Anglian who go on alternative days but it will be my turn this Wednesday and I will be writing my own blog about it as I have never been to the Ideal Home Show. Would it be possible once I have wrote it to include a link to your blog and mention about you?

    Many Thanks,

  3. Anglian

    here is a link to my blog post about the Ideal Home Show that I have written for Anglian. Would really love to hear your views and thoughts about it!

    Many Thanks,


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