Design of the Day – The worlds smallest MP3 Player

I thought I’d bring you something today which is so adorable and was attracting huge attention at yesterday’s Gadget Show Live.

The Kube Player is the worlds smallest thumb sized MP3 player which comes in a variety of colours and perfect for music junkies who want a concise and stylish music box! This cute bite-size gadget, can be attached by a strap to your jeans, bag, or around your neck depending on what you’re doing.

It’s less than an inch tall and only weighs 18 grams! You can store up to 8000 banging tunes depending on the size of the SD card used and listen for up to six hours.To transfer music to the Kube, just connect it to a computer via the USB cable provided which also charges the player. You even get some funky ear-phones to match the colour of your Kube!

This little number will be launched at this weeks Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC Arena from 12th-17th April and is roughly £35-40 so it wont break the bank. You could get one in each colour to match your shoes girls!

Check out the review!



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2 responses to “Design of the Day – The worlds smallest MP3 Player

  1. Leighton Campbell

    Great review!!

  2. Terry Tibbs

    Hi seen the video, loving the product. Shame im not going to Gadget show BOO..HOO. Where can i buy it from and what other colours are there besides PINK!!!!!YUK

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