Spreading the social media word

After a rather glum morning at the hospital, this afternoon I delivered a short talk to some Interior Design Diploma students at the National Design Academy in Nottingham about the huge benefit social media and blogging can do for a business or personal profile as a designer – I just loved every minute of it!

To give them a little boost in the right direction, I decided to print off a list of PR tips, people and trends to follow on Twitter and an article I wrote yesterday about this subject. Online paper Social Business Consulting, had timed their feature of my post perfectly which gave me a great example to give to the students about how quickly and how far you can make your work reach people all over the world – thank you for that Walter!

I found that some of the group had already got familiar with social media and blogging to which my talk must have snored the socks off them, but the others seemed a little apprehensive about launching into the world of Twitter and the blogosphere. Which, to be honest I don’t blame them, modern technology can be baffling at the best of times! If you feel like this and not sure how to get started or if social media is for you all I would say is give it a try. Once you’ve read up about trends, hash tags and widgets you’ll realise how much you can achieve with just your fingertips.

I was asked if blogs are so effective do people need a website? This is a fantastic question which just highlights the power of blogging – it can be your website, blog, CV, profile and portfolio all in one – and this without spending a penny! You don’t need to be a super dooper HTML wizard or techi geek who knows the ins and outs of a computer to have a successful and attractive blog, I didn’t and The Design Hub seems to be doing pretty well. Dont forget you learn things along the way and there are lots of people out there embracing social media who also don’t have the foggiest.

Remember, you can always delete what you don’t want so if social media and blogging isn’t for you it’s no big deal if you chose to abandon ship. Just put the feelers out and test the water because social media and blogging is done by so many people, high-profile business and celebrities it’s now the way forward.


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2 responses to “Spreading the social media word

  1. Dalelle

    A great piece Miss Hill. I love your writing style!

    Kind regards

    Dalelle! X

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