Design of the day – The Alice in wonderland dining experience

If your into the weird and wacky things and want to have the dining experience of you life, then this restaurant in Tokyo will be right up your street!  Designed by Japanese design studio Fantastic Design Works, this Alice in wonderland themed eatery is one of four which have been opened by Diamond Dining.

The 2254 square foot restaurant is situated in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district and waitresses are dressed up in Alice uniforms which completes the psychedelic and crazy atmosphere of the design. The huge super sized books which make up the reception desk and cloakroom are my favourite part of the design, I know I’m small and that would just make me feel like a  miniature Alice – how fantastic!

I would just get completely lost in this place with it’s maze like booths, hedges, dozens of mirrors and random doors. I wonder if they’ve found people at the end of the night who’ve got totally lost on the way back from the toilets.

Full of wonder and magic, this place is now on my list of restaurants to visit, I just wonder what the menu would be like?

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3 responses to “Design of the day – The Alice in wonderland dining experience

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  2. You certainly wouldn’t need to order any magic mushrooms! What a fabulous place to dine.

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