The UK’s first degrees in Retail, Outdoor and Heritage Design start on Monday!

As August is literally on our doorstep and the British summer practically slipping through our mitts, it can all get a bit doom and gloom. But for us design enthusiasts, there’s something great to look forward to! Look over the hill and into next Monday you’ll find three new interior design courses, Retail, Heritage and Outdoor Living,  the first of their kind in the UK.  The National Design Academy in Nottingham will launch these sparkling new courses next week that will give students the chance to study a specialist area of interior design.

Retail design is becoming huge business with companies wanting their shop interiors to be more cutting edge than the competition. Window displays need to be bigger, brighter and bolder than the last to attract every last fashionista!

So, if this kind of fish floats your boat, you will no doubt already be on the phone to the NDA and booking a place on the Retail Design course. You’ll get to grips with how to design innovative interiors and retail spaces that will create a shopping experience for customers that they’ll never forget. As well as soaking up a wealth of knowledge surrounding the history of retail and how designs have developed over time and into modern day.

If you’re a green fingered  designer you’ll certainly want to flex those creative skills on the Design for Outdoor Living degree. You’ll learn how to bring the inside outside and create fresh designs for patios, pool terraces, balcony areas and more by using a variety of interior design skills.

Us Brits have an enviable history of architecture from Norman castles and Tudor palaces, to tiny 18th century  thatch roof cottages and stately homes, many of which needing that specialist touch to keep the interiors looking as lavish as once was. So if you want to play a part in preserving past gem’s, the Heritage Design degree is perfect.  You will understand and learn how to create sympathetic designs for all periods of property, listed and non-listed.

I can hear the phones ringing already!

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One response to “The UK’s first degrees in Retail, Outdoor and Heritage Design start on Monday!

  1. I’m highly impressed by your designs. I agree with the statement that Retail Design is becoming huge business as every company want their work space beautiful and pleasant.

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