Wilkinsons comission rising textile design star

She’s fast becoming the hottest textile designer currently on the design scene. Laura Olivia’s vibrant colour palette and feminine prints have caught the eye of Guru’s such as Jethro Macey and now retail giants Wilkinson’s.Laura was spotted by Wilkinson’s at the popular New Designers event in London earlier this year, where she was chosen to feature in the “One Year On” exhibition. The brand was so impressed with her work, they asked Laura to cook up some fresh designs for new a stationary range.

Laura told The Design Hub, “they were clearly impressed with my work and we had a conversation about future opportunities. A while after the show they asked for some examples of work to figure out which projects they would like to work with me on and then came back to me with a brief to submit some initial ideas. They really liked my artwork and so I secured this amazing project!”

Orchid - Laura Olivia New Collection

The young designer studied Textile Design at university in Nottingham, then went on to be a tutor at the National Design Academy before setting up her successful business. She has received orders from around the world, even as far as China and the USA but has never seen the final product. So this project is extremely exciting because she’ll be able to actually see her designs on the shelves, “to be able to walk in to a store that is just around the corner and see my work will be amazing! I know it will be a great moment when I finally see the finished product and will definitely motivate me.”

Zinnia - Laura Olivia New Collection

Here at The Design Hub, we’re desperate to find out any sneaky info about the brief, but unfortunately it’s all top secret, so we’ll have to wait like everyone else! But what we can reveal to you is that as well as the stationary range, she’s also starting to design a collection of über pretty kitchen textiles and dinnerware. Eeeeek!

We can’t wait and neither can Laura, “It’s great that I’ve been given two completely different product areas. They are both in styles that I have not worked in before, so it was fantastic to step out of my comfort zone and do something unexpected. One of them in particular I have been wanting to do for ages, so I was so excited when I got the brief, but can’t say anymore than that I’m afraid.”

Columbine - Laura Olivia New Collection

We can expect to see Laura Oliva’s designs hitting the shelves next summer, but in the meantime you can visit her website www.lauraolivia.com to see other fabulous designs including wallpaper, fabrics art and cushions.

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