The Best of Decorex 2011

We’re lucky enough to have an Interior Designer’s view of this year’s Decorex International exhibition, and so we thought we simply had to share this with all our blog readers! James Pilling is the Practice Manager of NDA Private Clients, an interior design practice based in Nottingham, England who was impressed by the general atmosphere of the show;

“This year’s show was enhanced by the unusually pleasant weather for late September. There was an upbeat atmosphere and an encouraging sense of community. The relative stability of the higher end markets was evident in the optimism, warmth and generosity of the suppliers.

This year’s exhibition was most engaging and enjoyable; advances in manufacturing technology have inspired a fascinating new breed of decorative, functional products”. 

James has also selected his favourite products from suppliers that he considered exceptional, interesting or inspiring regardless of style or budget…

Tom Kirk Lighting

Tom Kirk Lighting, Facet Chandelier

Mirror polished stainless steel and acrylic with LED light source.  Acid etching has been used to create the surgically precise stainless steel blade sections, a breathtakingly elegant creation.


The three images above are of a product called ‘Frame’ an exquisite, decorative pendant light available in either 70 or 100 mm diameter. Delicate coral patterns have been acid etched into the steel diffuser and encapsulated in a 24% lead crystal sheath resulting in a unique, fascinating aesthetic.

The fourth and fifth images (below) are of a product called Atlantis, an extraordinary, mesmerising, hand crafted chandelier utilising over four kilometres of chain. Perhaps the most talked about product at this year’s exhibition.

Boatswain Lighting

Previously known as diffuse, Boatswain lighting continue to develop their well established range of porcelain lighting products. The illuminated ceramic produces a warm, comforting glow very similar to that of candle light.  Levitas, the featured product below has been recently modified to take a unique LED component that produces a neat, uniform light source.


Le Deun Luminaires

Omega, Super 8 and PI Super are three excellent examples of how LED light sources are helping to change the form of lighting products, elegant.. Good product design which is functional, efficient and timeless.


French manufacturers Lamellux specialise in creating laminated decorative products including boards, furniture and doors. Decorative grained woods, resin and LED lighting are combined and sculpted using CNC Routing to create fascinating, often futuristic looking products.


Golran’s decolourised rugs were unique and arrestingly beautiful. Hand selected, weathered, antique carpets from Anatolia are reborn using a process of decolourisation and recolourisation. Hints of pattern peep through the substructure creating a finish that resembles an ancient artefact, but avoids looking jaded due to the vegetable dye colourisation process:- Upmarket, intriguing and ecologically sound.

William Yeoward

‘Hall’, the new range from William Yeoward is a refreshing range of decorative furniture. Intricate laser cut bronze bases draw inspiration from Islamic mathematical pattern. Porto Oro stone mica tops finish the products with unusual sophistication.

We’d like to thank James again for his take on this year’s Decorex exhibition. If you would like to find out more about the Nottingham based interior design practice, NDA Private Clients – where James is the Practice Manager, please take a look at their website


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2 responses to “The Best of Decorex 2011

  1. A great range of lighting here, thanks for sharing. I especially like the Levitas lighting that indeed looks like soft and calming candlelight, almost ethereal in its’ appearance and ideal for the Autumn and winter season to give a soft glow. And in total contrast the funky, brightly coloured and modernistic Lamellux lighting that integrates with the interior of a room so seamlessly and giving a sci-fi feel to any decor. Wonderful. Thank you!
    Best wishes, Fleur

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