Dedicated follower of fashion

At The Design Hub we like Sir Paul Smith, and so do it seems, the British Fashion Council who recently  gave him the Outstanding Achievement Award at this years British Fashion Awards.

Sir Paul was honored because of his exceptional impact on global fashion, but his influence goes far beyond clothes. His talent for creating ‘classics with a twist’ (his words) permeates throughout many modern interiors and furniture.  I can think of two examples where his style is used in interior design; The Broadway Cinema in Nottingham has its own screen room designed by Paul Smith, and just around the corner from the National Design Academy are the Riverside Crescent apartments, where one apartment interior is based on Paul Smith’s style.

My point with this post is not to ‘big up’ Sir Mr Smith, rather to highlight that the fashion industry has a direct link to interior design trends.

Interior designer turned fashion designer, Kelly Wearstler, said: “So much of my influence in interior design comes from fashion, and everything relating to fashion, from jewelry, which can be reminiscent of sculpture, to the colors and silhouettes that I find in clothing.”









Its worth noting that many clothes designers turn to interiors as well, including Sir Paul Smith himself, who now has his own range of furniture and household items.

So it is worth keeping an eye on the latest fashion collections being released because it might just help you keep out in front with what the latest colour combinations, textures and shapes will be for your next ‘fashion conscious’ client.

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