Riding on the Crest(tron) of a technological wave

Technology is meant to make life easier, it promises us so much but rarely seems to be able to deliver, at least in way a that doesn’t involve swearing at machines that can’t talk back, although rather worryingly, with the new Iphone, they can.

In the average home these days people tend to have a combination of Computer, HD TV, Music Stereo, Surround Sound, Blueray player, Playstation/Xbox, Tablet PC and Smart Phone; most homes also have more than one TV. When designing a new interior how much of this technology is taken into consideration? Perhaps the placing of the flat screen TV’s, but the rest will usually have to fit in around the existing design, which sounds like lots of wires and lots of swearing to me.

Don’t you just wish there was some clever technology that could tidy up all the wires, hide all the black boxes and make every bit of tech in a home work as its supposed to? Then let me introduce you to Crestron *Cue Fanfares*.

If what famous Sci-Fi author, Isaac Asimov, once said is anything to go by, that  “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“, then Crestron surely are the Wizards of our time. They develop, manufacture and install technological ‘wands’ that can automatically control every aspect of a building.

If you lived in a home where Crestron had done their ‘magic’ you could access all of your music, movies, games, lighting, heating, security cameras and even kettles though one touchscreen device, including your own Ipad or Smart phone. Your ninety year old grand mother would be able to watch her soaps in the lounge with the lights low and the heating high, and your nine year old son could play his video games in his room, while you danced around the kitchen to your favorite music, with no fuss and no wires.

The important thing to remember here is when you are working with a client, ask them about the technology they use, how they use it and how they would like it to work in the new home you are designing. Crestron are there to help Interior Designers to incorporate technology that not only ties current technology together, but also to future proof for how technology might be used down the line.

You can read all about and their products on Crestron’s website. They are a friendly bunch and if you are working with a client and need some advice they are happy to help.

They also have a brand new showroom in Leeds where you can go and see the huge range of possibilities that their technology offers. Our friends at the National Design Academy recently went and you can read all about the visit on their blog.

If you are working in interior design and need some advice about how to integrate audio visual solutions into a project, our friends at RSAV solutions are specialists in the this sort of thing and are more than happy to help. So don’t be shy, they won’t charge you for a chat;  drop Rob a line at rob@rsavsolutions.com


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