Blinded by the light

Regular readers may have noticed that I get quite excited about lighting here at The Design Hub (see previous posts: The Future’s Bright; Best of Decorex 2011), and its true, it only takes one fancy bulb or lamp to turn my head and cause involuntary wolf whistles, but this one is different; do you believe in love at first sight?

So what is my latest crush?: AlessiLux

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Designed by Alessi and manufactured by Foreverlamp, these LED bulbs and bases move away from the original incandescent, filament glowing bulb design and instead invoke memories of traditional gas lamps of old, from a time before electricity lit the home.

Alberto Alessi himself sums up the designs: “The topic brought us towards a kind of evaporation of the boundaries between light bulbs and lamps in a most natural way: actually, some of the projects are probably closer to a real lamp than to a simple bulb. It’s as if hiding those boring, anonymous and often truly ugly light bulbs will no longer be necessary”.

You can browse the whole range at Foreverlamps European website:

And while I’m on the subject, just check out this other gorgeous light by South Korean based designer Doolight.

Called the Droplight and Droplight mini, its modular design means the lights can be used independently of its hanging base which charges them up.

Its no use, I can’t just settle for one new light design, monogamy just wont work for me; I think I’m in love with more than one bright young thing.

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