Radical Radiators!

Besides the recent cold snap we had here in the UK, it has actually been one of the warmest winters on record…again. Since the snow the temperature has been warm to put it mildly, or should that be mild to put it warmly? Either way it’s meant that I’ve turned the heating off at home and instead of huddling my back up to the radiator in the evening to soak up as much heat as possible, I sat facing it and realised that when they aren’t making me warm, I really don’t like radiators; the standard white corrugated metal slab does little to inspire me, and when they’re not hot,  they leave me a little cold.

So I set out to find some inspiring hot water filled containers that will not only warm a room with their heat but with their presence too.

For Heritage Interiors I found these gorgeous traditional cast iron radiators by The Traditional Radiator Company to be just the ticket. They obviously look great in a historic setting, but I can’t stop admiring them for their almost sci fi ‘Steam Punk’ styling’s.

For more modern designs I came across Bisque who do an extensive range of designer radiator’s that can blend in with any interior, often becoming a focal point themselves.

Reina do a great range of chrome and stainless steel radiators, including the rather wonderful ‘Pyramid’ complete with hieroglyphics.

Here’s a selection of striking tall radiators available through The Radiator Company. I especially like the one lit by LED strips, it reminds me of the Unknown Pleasures album cover by Joy Division.

If Industrial Chic is your thing then you could do worse than the Hose radiator by MHS Radiators.

For discreet heating the Lie Down Radiator by Eskimo Design provides a nice solution.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of alternative radiators, searching around I’ve found so many amazing ways to heat a building that it is clear that radiators must be a serious consideration during any Interior Design project. I know most of the products I’ve highlighted here are designer and hence quite expensive compared to a bog standard white metal slab, but there are still plenty of interesting affordable options available.  And if a budget really is tight or there simply is no way to replace an existing plain radiator, you could always paint it any colour other than white, or use stencils to add some interest and life to it.

Viva la radiator revolution!


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3 responses to “Radical Radiators!

  1. Wow! I had no idea there were so many wonderful radiator designs out there. But I must admit, I’d always choose the Traditional, chunky style. Perhaps it’s because they’re so reminiscent of my school days. I think they add lovely character to a home.

  2. Now, those are what you call unique! It’s always great to see that radiators can bring both functionality and style in residences.

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    rails,heated towel rails and provide many designs.and i agree with
    all views and information..nice blog.

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