An egg is for life, not just for Easter

Good Friday! Easter’s almost here! And that means three things in my book; eggs, chocolate and a long weekend.

To celebrate the mass consumption of oodles of egg shaped confectionary and the two bank holidays in which to recover from any over indulgence, I’ve picked some super Egg inspired interior (and exterior) design objects that are simply cracking.

Nogg chicken coop

Handmade in the UK, the Nogg chicken coop is a stylish way to keep chickens in your garden.

Housing up to four chickens this coop has been expertly engineered; including stainless steel reinforced doors and ribbing to combat the possible effects of the elements and carnivorous animals.

The innovative glass top twists and lifts to aid ventilation and is just one of the details that really elevates the idea of what a domestic coop can be.

Egg shower by Arina Komarova

Although only a concept, I can’t help thinking that this is a brilliant idea, not only because it is shaped like an egg, but because it also combines a bath, jacuzzi and a shower in one neat little pod.  The doors can be closed completely to offer total privacy so it would also be ideal for a public spa.

Egg inspired table by WAMHOUSE

Polish furniture designer WAMHOUSE weren’t yolking when they designed this breakfast table.

Garden Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy

Designed in 1968 and re-introduced in 2001 by Ghyczy Novo, the Garden Egg Chair is one of the first chairs to be made with Polyurethane. When closed it is water proof and it comes in many other colours, not just white and yellow. Available from Blue Sun Tree.

Baton Chair by Channels Design Firm

British designer’s Channels made this gorgeous modern take on the famous Egg Chair.

eiPott plastic egg cup by Koziol

What better way to devour your breakfast easter eggs than with this plastic egg cup based on the iconic form of Apple’s iPod?

Called eiPOTT, “Ei” is German for egg and “Pott” means pot. Together it is pronounced like the famous MP3 player.

Ovetto Recycling Bin by Gianluca Soldi

Named after the Italian word for ‘egg’, Ovetto is available in several bright color options as well as a stylish all white or all black.

Made from recycled polypropylene (the same material used in ropes and carpeting), the bin offers three separate receptacles to make recycling easier and it also has a plastic bottle crusher on the top.


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3 responses to “An egg is for life, not just for Easter

  1. Brilliant Post! A refreshing alternative Easter post! Fab!

  2. Innovative ideas. But I did not understand how the egg cup works.

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