Come on baby… light my fire

Thanks to spring the days are longer and lighter, the sun has been shining and we even had a ‘mini summer’ a few weeks back here in the UK. But as tempting as it is to spend more time outdoors, it is still very chilly when the sun hides behind a cloud or dusk descends.

Chimineas or a fire pit are great ways to warm up your outdoor evenings, and with so many designs available you can choose one that becomes a focal point in your garden, and not just because of the hypnotic flames therein.

Before choosing one, a few things need to be considered; primarily how and where will it be used? A chiminea is generally much smaller than a firepit and it encloses the fire and directs smoke through its chimney, making them more suitable for smaller spaces. Because they are enclosed they are safe to use on decking or close to other flammable garden objects.

Fire pits need more room, they are often open 360 degrees so need to be away from flammable objects, as embers can be blown out of the dish. Also a firepit may smoulder for long periods so you need to know its safe to be left on its own. Fire pits don’t have funnels so they generally create more smoke which can blow around depending on the weather.

Although both come in different sizes, firepits are generally bigger and better for warming more people. A fire pit bit can also be used as a BBQ when used with a grill attachment, tripod or even a spit roast.

Asides from the width and the height, the only other major consideration is what fuel you want to use; wood, charcoal or gas.

They do also come in a variety of materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper, clay or stone, but this is mostly down to personal preference.

Here are some that I think are hot stuff:

Weber Fire Place

Made of heavy-duty steel and coated with porcelain enamel, this firepit will last for years, but what I like most about it is its functional design. It comes with a lid that can be used to extinguish the fire and prevent ash from blowing around your garden, and with the lid sitting on the stand, the heat from the fire isn’t lost, so it creates a very warm fire pit that will keep going even if it rains. It also has a convinent ash catcher underneath – very tidy.

Recycled Kadai Fire Bowls

Made in India with traditional methods, the Recycled Kadai is Made from recycled oil drums and riveted together for strength and durability. Each bowl is fitted with a gauze filter system that separates out the ash from rain water, allowing for a maintenance free barbeque.


Copper Dish by Firepits UK

Copper offers a unique look compared to most cast iron fire pits, and this design looks great.



The Tower by Firepits UK

For a taller fire pit this one stands out from the crowd.


Modfire by Brandon Williams

Beautifully designed and individually hand built modern take on the chiminea

La Hacienda Cuba Corten Steel Chiminea – Oxidised

Another fantastic minimalist contemporary chiminea that is much more affordable than the Modfire range.

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  1. I love how fireplaces have become such a design statement recently. The Tower particularly looks like it would be a great social focus. I enjoyed writing a similar blog post myself: A Guide to the Post Modern Fireplace, would be great if you would like to check it out:

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