A to Z of Interior Design: E is for…


a.  ec·lec·tic

An eclectic interior is one that derives its generating ideas, style and taste from a diverse range of sources and creates a harmonious  dialogue between all the parts.

Having experienced the freedom presented to them by post modernity, designers are finding it increasingly difficult to return to a ‘single style‘ solution for interiors.

The mixing of styles, periods, materials and finishes is being acknowledged as the way forward. The key to achieving this look  successfully is to use pieces of equivalent integrity.

There are so many styles, materials and finishes that now influence modern interiors, it is often the case that they are mixed together to create an eclectic blend. What makes an eclectic interior work well, however, is not simply mixing anything with anything , but mixing things are different but that complement each other in some way.

Eclectic style is rather harmony-like style, where different pieces of furniture, for example, have their unique places. Also, all the elements are in a thoughtful connection with the other parts of the style in the room. It takes effort, thought, and creativity in order to make a project in an eclectic style look great and at the same time logically interconnected.


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3 responses to “A to Z of Interior Design: E is for…

  1. Eclectic design is great – but so difficult to get right as there are so many different types of material, fabrics, prints, textures etc, it can be so easy to get it wrong. Trick is to look at the space you have – the larger the space the more different ideas you can put together, as then it wont look too overcrowded.

  2. Really inspirational, and yes difficult to manage but so exciting and creative! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The sample Eclectic designs are really harmonious. I could look at these type designs forever.

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