A – Z of Interior Design: H is for…


n. heritij

Valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations.

Heritage Interior Design is about helping historically significant buildings evolve with time while keeping the endearing characteristics that give everyone such pleasure.

It is important to define the qualities that give a building its ‘special architectural or historic interest’, then, when assessing the impact any proposals will have on this ‘special interest’ a Heritage Interior Designer must take account of three guiding principles:

a) Conserve and enhance – conserve what is significant but also enhance what is there.

b) Consider the long-term impact of changing opinion – It is important that changes are made reversible.  What we now believe to be
positive and not detrimental may change in the future according to opinion.

c) Don’t confuse the picture for future generations – Whatever changes are made it should be possible to understand how it was in the past before the changes were made.  E.g. If removing a partition wall, leave a nib of that wall as evidence of its existence.


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2 responses to “A – Z of Interior Design: H is for…

  1. Much appreciative thought! The historical buildings have a great value for the country and it’s culture so we should protect it and try to refinish of those which are almost gone because an ancient building is not only a structure but also a re-presenter of an era and happenings of that age. Thank you so much for taking a very supportive scheme of conserving these assets.
    interior decorators

  2. Leaving a partion wall ‘nib’ is an interesting point – and quite a good one I think. Just in case a future generation wants to put it back to how it was in the first place!

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