Interiors UK Highlights – Ian Mankin

Stands dedicated to fabrics and soft furnishings were disappointingly in fairly short supply this year but there were some useful and elegant fabrics on display. Ian Mankin is a great example and the family continues to weave its own fabrics in Lancashire, as it has done for six generations.

They were the first weaving mill to receive the Global Organic Textile Standard indicating that all their fabrics use natural fibres and no chemicals are used in the weaving process.

Whilst their range is not extensive, they specialise in stripes and checks which have evolved from their trademark ticking designs, producing a very English feel to their fabrics. To compliment the fabrics, they also have a range of wallcoverings, accessories and reclaimed furniture available on the website.


They have also developed a range of plain fabrics to compliment the stripes and their entire product range provides timeless designs that will not date; providing a staple diet for interior designers.



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2 responses to “Interiors UK Highlights – Ian Mankin

  1. B.

    I love pillows! No matter if they are plain or stripped! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing. very beautiful decorations

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