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A Job of Grandeur

Eccentric and outrageous, Studio job is a highly regarded Belgian design duo, who are renowned for crossing the boundaries of design and autonomous art. The company was set up by Job Smeets after he graduated in 1998, he met his partner in design Nynke Tynagel while attending the Design Academy Eindhoven and their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

This particular design, “The Lounge of Studio Job” at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, stopped me in my tracks. Not only for the exquisite design, but for the ethos behind the project. The rooms are supposed to be a reference to 19th Century affluent gentleman’s clubs, with the rich smoking cigars, wearing top hats and surrounded by flamboyant silks and chandeliers. The Job Lounge is meant for functional purposes and presentations, but is a piece of art in itself.

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Consisting of a cafe, hallway and chapel, all which boast a bold labyrinth floor pattern and vibrant stain glass windows laced in drapes, appear to be a lot more simple with a closer look. The chairs which look heavy and sealed in rich leather, are in fact made from plastic, and the drapes framing the windows are stickers, printed on photographic paper. Finally the most striking feature is the lights, created by Venini, they are the form of an actual female breast which are placed in the ceilings and walls of the rooms. A rather ironic twist on the elitist culture of the 19th Century. Enjoy…

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