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Freelance textile designer Laura Olivia is making waves with her striking prints!

Laura Olivia, never dreamt that one day she’d be supplying her designs to manufacturers all over the world, as well as being selected by Jethro Macey for this years New Designers “One Year On” event in London.

Her colourful designs started off as watercolours, sketches and photographic images inspired by nature. Laura combines digital technology and embroidery to create bright, colourful designs, perfect to lift any mood. In an interview with The Design Hub, Laura talks about her journey from being a textile design student to now owning her own brand and how other people can go about starting their own business. Continue reading



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Sourcing materials for a client brief exercise

As part of the NDA Diploma in Professional Interior Design studio course, students must understand how to effectively carry out a client brief analysis and create a design which meets their need and lifestyle.

These students chose their desired client brief and had the challenge of sourcing appropriate fabrics and materials to use for their sample boards which they will present to the client.

The National Design Academy have a huge collection of wallpapers, fabrics, accessories and carpet samples from various designers, which give the students a large range of choice. However this can make chosing one print very difficult!

The students also had a chance to see how a design practise can be set out and organised, as well as the various ways samples and work can be displayed. James Pilling, Manager of NDA Private Clients Interior Design Service, has a magnetic wall where sketches, images or sources of inspiration can be pinned up for clients to see or as references.

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WIN £3000, design the interior of a penthouse and kick-start your interior design career!

 Keep on reading to find out…….! Continue reading

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Get ready for Interior Design Festival of Britain fever

By NDA Interior Design Tutor Vicky Arbuthnot

2011 is a great year to celebrate all things British.  The Royal wedding aside, vintage Britannia interior accessories are fast becoming the statement style of the year.  However, there is much more to this trend than meets the eye.

From April 2011 on the Southbank in London, the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain will be celebrated with a series of special events to mark the occasion.  From Tracey Emin’s first major survey show in London (Hayward Gallery, 18th May to 29th August), to celebrations of ‘National Treasures’ and ‘Great Thinkers’ including the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Roy Walker and Paul Daniels, the four-month event commends the best of British culture and creativity. Continue reading

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Design of the Day

Supersize your speakers!

Check out this bad boy – the stylish and slick Ferguson Horn Speaker,which is over 1.5 meters tall and nearly a metre wide. Created by UK-based company, Ferguson Hill, not only does the speaker look unbelievably classy,  it reproduces music with a high level of clarity and will go loud with just a few watts (5 watts).

The stand is made from stainless steel which is satin polished and the speaker sits on integral spikes contrasting to the smooth body. The huge clear horns are precisely moulded from toughened cast acrylic and are 8mm thick. Costing just under £13000 each and a whole set over 20k, this stylish speaker system is way out of my reach but would certainly look drop dead gorgeous in my living room! For any of you, who like me cannot stretch to 20k, Ferguson offer an affordable desk top version, the FH007 mini speaker system for £395.

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Design of the day

Mad Potters Tea Party!

Based in  Stoke-on-Trent – the heart of the potteries,  The New English Ceramics are made using over 250 years of traditional skills and techniques.  But this collection isn’t a batch of boring plain white plates and cups, it has twists of gothic art, eccentric prints and stunning hand painted gold detailing. With this lot on your dining table you’re sure to be a show stopper!

The New English Collection was founded in 2009 by Paul Bishop and his wife Judith, it reflects the increasing demand for origional products which represent our contemporary culture and lifestyles.The company launched it’s new range “The Mad Potters Tea Party” in Berlin last month and revealed to the world 118 new pieces. A written description doesnt justify how magnificant these pieces are, you just have to see them.

Follow the link to see all the products and how the show went! CLICK HERE

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Images from: The New English Collection and Annie Bertram

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Design of the day

Da Bomb!

This fantastic chair is certainly a stunner and would be a perfect piece to get everybody talking. Designed by Italian company Adrenalina, “The Bomb” chair is made from thick foam and the red fabric is meant to represent the concept of “challenge”.

98 cm high by 150 cm wide and concealing pointy spikes, it may look uncomfortable but the piece is made to give the derrier extra comfort. Although it does remind me of the female temperament, beautiful and stunning like the colour red but can turn spiky and sharp in a moment! It’s so true…


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Design of the Day

A Job of Grandeur

Eccentric and outrageous, Studio job is a highly regarded Belgian design duo, who are renowned for crossing the boundaries of design and autonomous art. The company was set up by Job Smeets after he graduated in 1998, he met his partner in design Nynke Tynagel while attending the Design Academy Eindhoven and their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

This particular design, “The Lounge of Studio Job” at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, stopped me in my tracks. Not only for the exquisite design, but for the ethos behind the project. The rooms are supposed to be a reference to 19th Century affluent gentleman’s clubs, with the rich smoking cigars, wearing top hats and surrounded by flamboyant silks and chandeliers. The Job Lounge is meant for functional purposes and presentations, but is a piece of art in itself.

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Consisting of a cafe, hallway and chapel, all which boast a bold labyrinth floor pattern and vibrant stain glass windows laced in drapes, appear to be a lot more simple with a closer look. The chairs which look heavy and sealed in rich leather, are in fact made from plastic, and the drapes framing the windows are stickers, printed on photographic paper. Finally the most striking feature is the lights, created by Venini, they are the form of an actual female breast which are placed in the ceilings and walls of the rooms. A rather ironic twist on the elitist culture of the 19th Century. Enjoy…

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Top 10 Cheap PR Trick to kickstart small businesses

Top Tip #5

Get yourself actively involved in relevant organisations such as your local Rotary Club, Art and Design museums, government bodies, or institutions like the British Institute of Interior Design. Making sure your finger is in every pie and that you’re in the thick of what’s happening. This will improve your chances of keeping your business up to date and in the loop.

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