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Tea party fashion exchange

Hello all! The post I’ve written today, which you may think is not specifically linked to design in sense of a piece of furniture or design scheme, but what it does have in common with the art and design world is an idea and concept are the just or even more substantial than the product itself. Enjoy!

Within certain areas of our society; work, fashion and family life, women are expected to act, look and meet certain “standards” to fit the ideological female brief. This constant self examination can breed huge competition between women and create division.

Understanding the pressures modern women face, Rastarella Falade from Nottingham (shown below, third on right) has made it her mission to break these boundaries and unite women all over the city by holding various events from open-mic nights to belly dancing, encouraging women to get together and make friends.

Rastarella teamed up with friend Iona Tamberrino to hold a fashion exchange tea party at the Vine Community Centre in Nottingham at the weekend. The initial idea started off as a small get together but as the word spread vigorously across Facebook, the exchange ended up being a pretty large event housing racks and tables full of clothes, shoes, hats and everything in between.

Even the BBC wanted a piece of the action! Continue reading

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Ice Designs

The 2011 London Ice Sculpting Festival gets underway today, with artists from all around the world showing off their coolness in the centre of Canary Wharf. Running from 13th – 15th January, the public can head along to gaze at the various wonderful sculptures created before their very eyes.

Two timed competitions judged by the public, “Peddle Power” and “Love London” will be held over the two days, where teams from around the globe will battle it out to win the Public Choice Award.

If you fancy giving ice sculpting a try, you can dig in with a free twenty minute master class supervised by an experienced ice sculpter!

It’s completely free to attend the festival and you can enjoy live demonstrations, have the chance to win a holiday and feel like your in a winter wonderland. The BBC have posted fabulous footage of sculptors chipping away at blocks of ice and demonstartions on how they make these magical features.

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