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Top 10 Cheap PR Tips to kickstart small businesses


Attend every event possible, whether your and exhibitor or visitor. Events like Birmingham Home Show, Decorex, and Ideal Home Show are crammed with industry insiders. It’s networking heaven and the perfect opportunity to sell your business.

When meeting and greeting, start with “Hello my name is ….” then pull out your business card. The idea is that by the time you’ve told them what your business is about, your card is already in their hands. But don’t steal their customers, word will get out and taint your business reputation and thats not good!

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Top 10 Cheap PR Tips to kickstart small businesses

Top Tip #1

START BLOGGING it’s free , quick and can widen your target audience dramatically. You can get your creative juices flowing and plug your business with maximum results. Blogging is a popular PR tool because the practise is less corporate than a website. Blogs have a softer tone and more personal feel which viewers are attracted to.

Blogging can be time consuming and requires dedication, but if you stick to your goals you will see the benefits. Have a look at the blogs listed below, some are professional and some not, but you can still learn valuable techniques from both. Continue reading

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