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Design of the Day

Stamp that on your wall!

Famously featured on Alan Carr’s chatty man and exhibited at this years Birmingham Interiors Show, this range of Royal Mail stamp rugs are becoming the new craze.  Depicting Queen Elizabeth’s head and made in a variety of colours,  the rugs can be laid on the floor or mounted on a wall for maximum effect. They are made from 100% New Zealand wool and hand-woven in Nepal. Ranging from small to large sizes the rugs start off at £695 up to £4350.


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Design of the day

Bleeding chair

Created by Anna Te Haar, these chairs are bespoke and each one is unique. On her website there’s a video showing the process of how the pieces are made, it’s very beautiful and  I can imagine extremely thereputic. I have no idea on the price but I expect it’s quite pricey. (Images from http://www.annatehaar.nl)

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Design of the day


This lamp is both morbid and weird, “The Colgao”, (” hung” in Spanish) displays a figure hung by the electric cable connected to the light. Created by Spanish design studio Enpieza, is slightly terrifying but if your into strange or original design this will definitely stun people in the office! They also make lights from all different colours of pens, including chandeliers and table lamps. You can have a look at their 2010 catalogue as the 2011 version isn’t out yet. “The Colgao” is priced at 248 euros.


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Design of the day

A Fishy sink!

Wash your hands in a pool of tranquility with this beautiful “Moody” aquarium sink.  A clear tank in the shape of a sink seem extraordinarily brilliant! Cleaning and feeding the fish can be done through two soap dishes on the sides of the sink. A power head provides filtration and circulates the tank, and a light is fitted behind the sink for a relaxing atmosphere. Prices range from $4000 – $5000!

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