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Design of the Day – Rectangular leaf light by Aline Johnson

Aline Johnson’s serene lighting designs have taken my breath away. Specialising in exclusive kilnformed glass vessels and platters, Aline also works with architects and interior designers making site specific lighting designs that have been commissioned for Dune, Covent Garden and the Foreign Office for the British Embassy in Doha, Qatar.

Born and bred by the sea, I just adore how Aline translates her rural roots of Dorset and seaside inspired palette into these beautiful and delicate designs. I’m instantly drawn to the “Rectangular Leaf” light which boast so much colour and positive energy.

If you want to catch a glimpse of Aline’s work , she will be showing off her fabulous designs at this years Tent Show in London – don’t miss it!

Image source: http://www.alinejohnson.co.uk

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Design of the day – The Alice in wonderland dining experience

If your into the weird and wacky things and want to have the dining experience of you life, then this restaurant in Tokyo will be right up your street!  Designed by Japanese design studio Fantastic Design Works, this Alice in wonderland themed eatery is one of four which have been opened by Diamond Dining.

The 2254 square foot restaurant is situated in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district and waitresses are dressed up in Alice uniforms which completes the psychedelic and crazy atmosphere of the design. The huge super sized books which make up the reception desk and cloakroom are my favourite part of the design, I know I’m small and that would just make me feel like a  miniature Alice – how fantastic!

I would just get completely lost in this place with it’s maze like booths, hedges, dozens of mirrors and random doors. I wonder if they’ve found people at the end of the night who’ve got totally lost on the way back from the toilets.

Full of wonder and magic, this place is now on my list of restaurants to visit, I just wonder what the menu would be like?

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Design of the day – 1940’s kitsch from 27Palm

After the glorious second long weekend we’ve had, I can feel the mood is rather low, so to cheer you up here’s a quirky and delightful Design of the Day. Designed by 27Palm, these fabulous retro pillow cases are kitsch, camp and colourful!

You can choose from different styles; rock n’ roll, cowboy, cow girl, lumber jack, fireman and more to spruce up your pad. Made of 100 % cotton front plain black backing, the cases fit a standard pillow 30cm x 30cm and are available from lifestylebazaar for £19.95.

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Design of the Day – KOKET Mandi stool


Juan di Santo commented on a recent post and brought the KOKET brand to my attention. I just love the elegance and simplicity of the designs, it’s right up my street!  The brand was created by New York born Creative Director Janet Morais, who wanted to inspire designers and push their creativity. She manages a team of super skilled artisans and jewellers who’s skills are impeccable. The pieces are manufactured in Portugal and available to buy through Interior Designers.

I’ve chosen KOKETS’  “Mandi Demi-Lune” stool simply for its beauty and striking gold turrets. This piece is designed to connote a cuff  that a  women would wear as a piece of jewellery around her wrist. 

The base is made from stainless steel and the turrets from brass, the seat itself is low pile black velvet.  The stool is 45 cm high and 53 cm wide and comes in black and gold or black and silver. Thank you Juan for telling me about KOKET their designs are exquisite.


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Design of the Day – A bench that blends into your garden

What a perfect accessory for your garden this summer. The “Hanna bench” by blends brilliantly into the background with it’s silk screen grass design, you wouldn’t even know it was a bench at first glance! It’s made from recycled and reclaimed boat wood and fetches around £550 fround on Freshome.

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Design of the Day – Bahia Chair

Today’s Design of the Day is a show stopper! I’m just head over heals with the Bahia Chair designed by London based design studio, 20age. This beautiful and vibrant chair has been re-upholstered in yellow velvet cord and green checked cotton by British and Brazilian duo Emma Phelps and Mauricio Varlotta.

Not only do the yellow and green fabrics sit perfectly together, they’re surrounded by a sea of 5000 coloured ribbons stitched on the back and sides.

The ribbons are seen as a lucky charm in Brazil and are tied around the wrist with three knots, each representing a wish and when the band falls off the wishes come true . What an uplifting concept and harmonious combination of English and Brazilian heritage.

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Design of the Day – Fish n’ Flush toilet

As it’s Friday and the weather is a bit glum, I thought I’d bring you a quirky and rather funny Design of the Day. A chinese company, Runto Sanitary Ware have come up a brilliant design combining a toilet and aquarium which not only looks fab but even saves water. This particular design would be perfect for those who like a calm and chilled out atmosphere when they’re on the loo or don’t have enough space for a fish tank!

So how does it work I hear you cry, well the toilet has three separate tanks; one for water flowing in, one for water flowing out, and a third for fish and underwater plants, so the fish always have enough water to swim in.

Runto Sanitary Ware claims this designs saves water as the flushing tank is smaller allowing enough space for the fish tank. Not only this,  but the LED lighting in the tank is strong enough to light up the room, saving on electricity.

I’m not sure how much this fish n’ flush toilet is but I do know that wouldn’t like to clean it out all the time!

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Design of the Day best picks gallery – so far!

Apple Tree Bed from Etsy.com

Home Traveller By Anna Lorenz

Bleeding Chair By Anna Te Haar

Jeeves & Wooster Hat Lights By Jake Phipps

Mirror By Squint

Bio-degradable Shoe By OAT

Coffin Couch By www.coffincouches.com

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Design of the day – Sunny Side up Egg Rug

Call it tacky or inventive, this egg rug is definitely a novelty piece for your home! The two egg yolks are leather pillows which sit nicely on the luxurious white shag base. Created by designer Valentina Audrito, the “Sunny Side up Shag Rug” is great for lazing around and watching television or reading a good book! Inspired by the versatility of eggs, Audrito decided to create a series of egg inspired furniture in honour for  “Le Uova di Leon” which was apart of the Milan Furniture Fair in 2006 and 2007. I have no idea how much the rug is to buy but I expect it will be quite a few pennies – I just want to jump on it!

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Design of the day

Da Bomb!

This fantastic chair is certainly a stunner and would be a perfect piece to get everybody talking. Designed by Italian company Adrenalina, “The Bomb” chair is made from thick foam and the red fabric is meant to represent the concept of “challenge”.

98 cm high by 150 cm wide and concealing pointy spikes, it may look uncomfortable but the piece is made to give the derrier extra comfort. Although it does remind me of the female temperament, beautiful and stunning like the colour red but can turn spiky and sharp in a moment! It’s so true…


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