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Design of the Day – Polar bear rug speaks a thousand words

A team of designers have a taken one of the worlds most pressing environmental issues and created a piece which speaks louder than words. Designers Ricardo Casas, Alejandro Castro, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy and Cecilia León de la Barra have produced a thought provoking rug, which contrasts it’s oft and pleasant texture with the prickly problem we have surrounding the rapid decline of the Polar bear and melting ice caps.

Ironically named ” Global Warming“, this statement piece is sure to make anyone stop and think whether its placed in a living room, waiting room or café. I’m very impressed with the rugs simple design and how it conveys this message with such impact.

I would definitely have one of these in my home as way of raising awareness of global warming.

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The LED revolution

We are here! Live at Philips head office checking out the new range and prospects of the super energy efficient LED light bulb.

As the largest lighting company in the world, they are pushing the message out about this new age of lighting which goes against the stereotype of the current clinical energy light.

Being forward thinking, the National Design Academy are exploring the wonders of the LED and how to incorporate them into the studios for more effective lighting and a better learning environment.

Also, lighting is very important within the interior design industry and every designer knows it can make or break a scheme. So as technology changes we have the chance to design superb interiors and building whilst looking after our planet.

As I blog away in the middle of a lovely lady’s talk about sustainability I’m becoming very intrigued so I shall pause for now and kee

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Colourful retro and green living designs by young British designer

Design of the Day

This young designer has stolen my heart with her brightly coloured and patterned eco designs. She gives her designs life, re-modernsises retro and promotes ethical and green living – a ten out of ten from me!

After graduating from Loughborough University in 2008 with a 1st in Textile Design, British designer Zoe Murphy was selected for The New Designers Showcase in Islington, where she was shortlisted for Designer of the Year Award and has since attracted a huge amount of attention.

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