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Design of the Day – Anthropomorphic furniture from John Reeves

John Reeves specialises in contemporary furniture and product design. Born in Burnley, Lancashire and now living in Vietnam designing, developing and teaching, his off the wall 2010 “Sketch” collection has stopped me in my tracks.

The pieces are based on the “poised anthropomorphic tension between the stationary and the moving, the living and the inanimate, the man made and the natural; rather like a 3 dimensional petrification of anamorphic evolution.” John created the designs by using Auto CAD (computer aided design) using a drawing tablet.  Cast in recycled aluminium, the curves and shape of the collection reminds me, some how of worms which I find absolutely fascinating, I particularly like the dresser with the oddly shaped mirror.

I can’t find a price for the designs, I assume they will be priced to order and could set you back quite a bit.

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Design of the Day – The perfect bookself

Brooklyn designers Coleen and Eric, met whilst studying industrial design at Pratt Institute, New York and have created this fantastically simple yet brilliant book shelf. Fully customisable, the “Hold on Tight” shelf has an integrated book stopper which runs through the middle of the base and can be tightened to stay in place – genius!

You can even choose to have a beach, walnut or oak shelf as well as the colour of your block. The shelf is 41 inches long, 11 inches high and 8 inches deep.

All these years we’ve bought shoddy book ends which have little impact in stopping books flying off the end of the shelf (especially if your collection is rather vast) and we could have solved this problem with a simple design.

If your desperate to get you mitts on Coleen and Eric’s ingenious creation you can email colleen.whiteley@gmail.com for a price.

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