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Looking back on the Mad Men era: Interior design inspiration

In honour of Mad Men’s last ever episode that aired last night in the UK, we draw inspiration from the award winning set design that has captured the 1960’s period. We pick our favourite ‘Mad Men’ inspired interior pieces to help you inject some 1960’s glamour into your interior…

 Don Draper's Mad Men office set design, Interior design inspiration

To see our top Mad Men inspired furniture & home furnishings picks read the rest of the Mad Men blog post here.

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Design of the Day – Retro’s back and it’s all gone Swiss

Today’s Design of the Day is definitely one for those who like their designs sleek and minimal! The ePure digital telephone by Swissvoice, is the perfect modern accessory for any techi savvy home. As well as looking pretty darn smooth, this bad boy is completely wireless with a range of up to 300 metres and stores 100 numbers.

You can choose from crisp white or sexy black and for only £70 from John Lewis,  it wont burn a hole in your pocket! Champagne all round!

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Design of the Day – Have a ball of a time!

Good afternoon campers! I hope you had a ball this weekend. Speaking of round things, I’ve just come accross these uber bright ball chairs by Finn Stone for Bodie & Fou. Made from recycled ABS (virtually indestructible polypropylene) these coloured balls of fun can be used inside to add a modern touch or outside for your summer bbq!

The chairs were inspired by Vernon Panton’s use of colour and shapes and are suitable for any bottom over the age of 6. Costing £165 each from notonthehighstreet.com, adding this piece of colour to a room could be very expensive, but it would certainly make it pop.

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Design of the Day – Bums on seats!

Today’s Design of the Day is a cracker and gives a whole new meaning to “bums on seats“. Designed by Fabio Novembre for CASAMANIA, these His & Her seats certainly compliment the derriere. Moulded polythene casts of the back of a male and female body from the waist down to the legs, make the shape of the chair. So when seated, from the back, it looks like you’ve got no clothes on whilst tucking into your fish n’ chips – classy!

The design is born directly from the Panton chair and is meant to reflect the beauty and harmony of the human body. The chair comes in a variety of colours from purple and yellow to orange and green, including clear which is my personal favourite. Costing around £300 each they’re certainly not cheap but if you have the pennies why not!

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Design of the Day – Watch out Dyson’s about!

This baby nearly made me jump out of my skin when I walked past it in a shop the other day. I thought it was just a weird looking light or stand, but as I brushed passed a huge gust of wind hit my face, “it’s a fan!” I screamed. Yes, Dyson have done it again and surprised us with another technological masterpiece and created a bladeless fan.

As the Dyson new age fan uses Air multiplier technology which means the blades dont chop the air before it hits you, the breeze is smoother and I can tell you a lot more powerful! The fans come in a range of sizes, colours and shapes so you can have one to suit your desk, bedroom or a board room if you’re fancy. They range from £200 – £300 and come with a 2 year guarantee, some stores don’t stock the whole range so I’d check before heading down to your local.

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Design of the Day

A Job of Grandeur

Eccentric and outrageous, Studio job is a highly regarded Belgian design duo, who are renowned for crossing the boundaries of design and autonomous art. The company was set up by Job Smeets after he graduated in 1998, he met his partner in design Nynke Tynagel while attending the Design Academy Eindhoven and their work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

This particular design, “The Lounge of Studio Job” at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, stopped me in my tracks. Not only for the exquisite design, but for the ethos behind the project. The rooms are supposed to be a reference to 19th Century affluent gentleman’s clubs, with the rich smoking cigars, wearing top hats and surrounded by flamboyant silks and chandeliers. The Job Lounge is meant for functional purposes and presentations, but is a piece of art in itself.

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Consisting of a cafe, hallway and chapel, all which boast a bold labyrinth floor pattern and vibrant stain glass windows laced in drapes, appear to be a lot more simple with a closer look. The chairs which look heavy and sealed in rich leather, are in fact made from plastic, and the drapes framing the windows are stickers, printed on photographic paper. Finally the most striking feature is the lights, created by Venini, they are the form of an actual female breast which are placed in the ceilings and walls of the rooms. A rather ironic twist on the elitist culture of the 19th Century. Enjoy…

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Lulu Guinness’ interior designs inspire Grand Designs Live team

THE GRAND DESIGNS LIVE TEAM tweeted today that fashion designer Lulu Guinness’ Victorian terrace, had given them inspiration and are “totally loving her living room”.  The female fashion designer has combined pastel colours with classic furniture and white crisp floors. The marriage of modern and vintage concepts are emphasised with splashes of colour and prints.  Have a look for yourself and drool…. CLICK HERE!

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Design of the day

If your fortunate enough to have an active social life and often find yourself scouring for extra chairs every time you throw a dinner party, this innovative design could be just up your street. Created by Scandinavian designer Hans Edbald, the “Stockholm wall chair” can be mounted on a wall (as the name suggests), folded up for space-saving or down to sit on. Made from aluminium, this chair is very cool and sleek, but if you want to add more comfort, you can opt for a reindeer leather cover for £95.  It retails on www.notonthehighstreet.com for £215.

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Buy exclusive interiors that arn’t available on the highstreet

PACKED FULL of quirky interiors, gifts and homeware which is exclusive to the web notfoundonthehighstreet.com is the place to be if you want something nobody else has. The simplicity of the layout makes it very user-friendly, you can search by personality, theme, room or occasion to quickly find an abundance of products screaming at you to buy. The products on the site can’t be purchased in store like the cult Stamp rug, or Stockholm wall chair, which is the site’s unique selling point. Continue reading

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