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Design of the day – The greenest shoe in the world

Launched at Amsterdam’s International Fashion week last month, these biodegradable trainers certainly stole the spot light. Designed by OAT, the “Fresh Virgin Collection” are fully biodegradable and can be planted when you’ve worn them to death! They also have little seeds in the tongue which grow into beautiful wild flowers.  Founded by innovator Christian Maats, OAT spent two years sourcing the best materials and cleanest design for the shoes. The collection of men and women’s trainers are revolutionary in eco-friendly design which you can literally wear into the ground!

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Design of the day

Only for Louboutin

World renowned luxury French footwear designer Christian Louboutin makes sure his boutiques are as beautiful as his shoes. Designers Studio XAG created this window installation for Louboutins’ Mount Street store in London. The brightly lit perspex letters spell out the word “Louboutin” and stacks of his shoes are perched on top for all to admire or drool at! Inspired by the dazzling lights of Las Vegas,  this shop window is made to stop you in your tracks and is an innovative example of fine visual merchandising.

Images from dezeen.com by Susie Rea

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