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NDA Rendering workshop moodboards

NDA students learned a variety of ways of how to render a room design, lead by NDA Private Clients Practice Manager James Pilling. The National Design Academy Workshops are available to students and non-students. For more information or to book your place on a workshop visit www.nda.ac.uk

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Top 10 Cheap PR Trick to kickstart small businesses

Top Tip #9

Offer your services as volunteer speaker at various events. You will be highly regarded by your peers and portray yourself as a respected professional with a respected business.

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Design of the day

Only for Louboutin

World renowned luxury French footwear designer Christian Louboutin makes sure his boutiques are as beautiful as his shoes. Designers Studio XAG created this window installation for Louboutins’ Mount Street store in London. The brightly lit perspex letters spell out the word “Louboutin” and stacks of his shoes are perched on top for all to admire or drool at! Inspired by the dazzling lights of Las Vegas,  this shop window is made to stop you in your tracks and is an innovative example of fine visual merchandising.

Images from dezeen.com by Susie Rea

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Get ready for The National Design Academy open day this Saturday!

People are scrambling to get themselves on this weeks open day on Saturday, word travels fast and looks like there will be a full house. Literally! thedesignhub wish all the staff at the National Design Academy the best of luck and all of those attending to have a fantastic time, ask lots of questions and take the LEAP OF DESIGN!


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Top 10 Cheap PR Tips to kickstart small businesses

Top Tip #1

START BLOGGING it’s free , quick and can widen your target audience dramatically. You can get your creative juices flowing and plug your business with maximum results. Blogging is a popular PR tool because the practise is less corporate than a website. Blogs have a softer tone and more personal feel which viewers are attracted to.

Blogging can be time consuming and requires dedication, but if you stick to your goals you will see the benefits. Have a look at the blogs listed below, some are professional and some not, but you can still learn valuable techniques from both. Continue reading

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Design of the day

SQUINT at that!

Statement furniture design firm Squint, has taken my breath away with its array of brightly coloured pieces and classical charm. Squint celebrates the finest of historical English design and has launched their heritage range exclusively in Harrods. The fabrics used are woven English damasks and shot silver and gold satins with Swarovski rose crystal and pearl detailing. Each piece is bespoke and accentuates brilliant craftsmanship and the colour of love.

They also have a delightful accessories range with the same energetic vibrance, this includes mirrors and lighting wrapped in Japanese kimono silk. Squint does make to order and each settee is created in a traditional way here in England. Each item is priced individually and settee prices start from around £4000. You can also take your pick from the range of stools, chairs and chaises if you like!

All images source http://www.squintlimited.com

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Interiors Birmingham 2011 – A profound look

By Anthony Rayworth: Director of Studies at the National Design Academy and James Pilling: Interior Design Practice Manager, NDA Private Clients.

Held at the NEC, Interiors Birmingham is the largest trade interiors exhibition in Britain. We have been attending the show and monitoring changes to the industry for fourteen consecutive years. During this period we have developed valuable relationships with suppliers as well as observing and forecasting emerging trends within interior design.

As with last year’s exhibition; this year’s event was contained within five halls as opposed to the seven halls of years gone by and there have been contrasting opinions within the industry regarding this reduced size. Continue reading


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University applications slow as students look for alternatives

IT’S HARDLY SURPRISING the latest admission figures reveal that  the number of university applications has slowed down dramatically since the announcement of rising tuition fees.  I don’t know how the government expect people to brush past the new £6000+ increase, especially as many universities are opting for the full £9000 a year price tag! Mid-January application deadline figures are still a plus on last year, but the lowest in recent years at only 5%.  They show that it’s the older applicants, (21 years and above) driving the increase and school leavers aged 17-18 years are particularly poor. Younger people are now looking for alternative routes to higher education and who can blame them , high debt and low graduate job opportunities are far from appetising. Continue reading

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