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Design of the Day – Wall climbing furniture

Furniture designer Lila Jang pushes the boundaries of design to the limit with her unusual creations. The piece I have chosen today is a sofa which literally climbs the wall! Created in 2008 for the Parcours Saint-Germain exhibition in Paris, the “Canape” sofa is half on the floor and half up the wall – perfect for a tiny room!

Lila’s other designs follow the same obscure format as the “Canape” and almost look melted. Her approach to furniture design is like nothing I’ve seen before, I can’t even find her official site so if anyone does give me a holla.

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Design of the day

Love Seat

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A hybrid of traditionalism and modernity, the “Lathe Chair VIII” or the “love seat” was conceived by rotating 19th century chair shapes around a central axis to stretch them. They were then cast in bronze and remain a functional piece of furniture. The designs were digitally created and give this classic piece a quirky skin. Designed by Sebastian Brajkovic in 2008 and is not sitting in the V&A Museum, London

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