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A to Z of Interior Design: D is for…


Deconstructivism is a type of architectural style, which unlike conventional architecture, breaks all the rules of construction theory. Developed in late 1980’s, deconstructivism was started by a group of architects known as the deconstructivists, who were impressed and influenced by the thinking and principles of French Philosopher Jacques Derrida.

According to the deconstructivism style, a building is designed in parts. The architecture seems as if it is done in bits and pieces, in a haphazard manner, without any importance given to logic or architecture norms. A building constructed by deconstructivism style reflects discordant pieces joined together to form unrelated abstract forms.

Deconstructivism focuses on changing the conventional rectilinear lines of a normal architectural building into non-rectilinear lines, transforming the external features of the building into distorted shapes and fragmented features.

Deconstructivism theory can also be applied to interior design, for examples and inspiration look at iconoclastic architectural design by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Bernard Tschumi, Peter Eisenman, Morphosis, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, and Frank Gehry.

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